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Nike LeBron 10 "Emerald" custom version map appreciate 2013-12-08 22:59:35 "Emerald" is derived from Latin meaning emerald, and Nike LeBron 10 is replaced by an emerald full of noble coat. This is the new custom version of sneakers from Diversitile. trains the best running state through training. Nike and ELLE to create RUN as ELLE cool sports tour. Since its formal launch in July, it has attracted many fashionable people. Each time, under the guidance of the Nike elite coach, the girls, through the Nike Training Club course, improve themselves and complete the running training. Tonight's 10 kilometer challenge is a hot spot in the journey, and in the next few days, there will be 2 lucky people to go to San Francisco, USA, to participate in the October San Francisco Nike women's Marathon (Ban Cheng). At the end of this year, RUN as ELLE will eventually return to the Shanghai marathon, let the fashion movement continued until the end of the year.news December 28th, BELLE investment in the footwear B2C excellent shopping network said that next year will not be lower than the pre promotion efforts, and will enter the field of garment B2C at the appropriate time, the traditional footwear giant BELLE is through purchase network channel wading clothing. and purchase online shoe CEO Zhang Xuejun said, from the capital market, the electricity supplier is entering the winter, but from the consumer, user habits and culture, as well as t buy cheap jordans online he entire industry, the electricity supplier is still very promising. And the winter of capital market will drive the market and competitor's return rationality in certain sense. This return and purchase online shoe more able to put its entire business advantage. "For this and purchase online shoe shoe giant BELLE as investment background, the electricity supplier, obviously there is no financial difficulties," Zhang Xuejun said, and purchase online shoe next year will not reduce the promotion efforts. the current B2C e-commerce mainly has two kinds, one kind of brand positioning, put their goods in a Jingdong, such as Taobao, where customers and distribution platform sales, the more the better development platform; and another location platform, through the platform for their own publicity and brand image shaping, unified investment, to attract consumers. The location of and purchase online shoe is belong to the latter, will consider the first depth after width in the development of ideas, the choice of commodity category will start from the shoe, and then to the clothing class, next year will develop online clothing sales." Zhang Xuejun said, and purchase online shoe located in the platform, hope that more brands to meet user needs in different stages, 5 years into the future and hope, and BELLE's own brand agent supply accounted for less than 40%. According to Zhang Xuejun , and purchase online shoe brand introduction is divided in jordan shoes online sale to two lines, a line of communication with BELLE's existing business team, another is with BELLE to the traditional footwear enterprises to communicate, and purchase online shoe will be launched next year a large number of other brands of goods give consumers more choices. at the same time, in the shoe products, excellent buy network will gradually expand the introduction of clothing products. Even with BELLE's resources, the best buy network will test the water BELLE's own brand clothing. This purchase will shoes online for positioning fashion, quality excellent is a weapon. at present, and purchase online shoe every single goods has reached 3000, the average price in 350 yuan. And purchase online shoe now has nearly 7000 SKU. for the clothing category development, Zhang Xuejun pointed out that "users also have to buy sportswear demand in the purchase of sports shoes at the same time," with the business development, the future and purchase online shoe not only footwear, clothing will be extended to other brands, will select the appropriate time to enter the field of clothing B2C next year, but now the main stage and purchase goal is still the shoe B2C. talking about this approach, and purchase online shoe CMO Xu Lei said that the expansion of the category for the website conversion rate to enhance user stickiness, and repeat purchase rate will help improve)The morning of November 20th, the City Economic Development Zone flags flyi cheap jordans ng ceremony, Suzhou Bailian shangduo Leather Co. Ltd. this. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy mayor, the first Secretary of the Municipal Development Zone Zhang Dongyun enthusiastic speech. Municipal People's Congress deputy director Zhang Xu, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Shenghua, members of CPC Committee Duzhashi Zhang Daobao and BELLE chairman of the international footwear industry, Taiwan Sheng Baijiao AS director of the morning of November 20th, the City Economic Development Zone flags flying, Suzhou Bailian shangduo Leather Co. Ltd. in the groundbreaking ceremony for the move. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, deputy mayor, the first Secretary of the Municipal Development Zone Zhang Dongyun enthusiastic speech. Municipal People's Congress deputy director Zhang Xu, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Shenghua, members of CPC Committee Duzhashi Zhang Daobao and BELLE chairman of the international footwear industry, Taiwan Sheng Baijiao AS chairman Wu Huina, BELLE footwear (Suzhou) Limited company general manager Yao Pengtao, Hongkong shangduo Group Chairman Li Zongyi, chairman of Xinxiang trade and leather Yang Xiaojian attended the groundbreaking ceremony. It is reported that the founders of the Bailian shangduo leather 50 million square feet of high-grade shoe upper leather project by BELLE footwear (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., Hongkong shangduo group and Xinxiang Lianmao Leather Co., Ltd joint venture bui Retro jordans for sale lding, covers an area of 251 acres, a total investment of about 350 million yuan, is an important base of supporting the project of Suzhou footwear industry. The company makes full use of the advantages of local resources and adopts the advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad to carry out large-scale production. , Zhang Dongyun expressed warm congratulations on the foundation of the project in his speech, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to leaders and friends from all walks of life who have long been concerned with the construction and development of the footwear base in our city. He said, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government accurately seize the rare opportunity of industrial transfer, comprehensive analysis of the city to undertake favorable conditions for industrial transfer, made to build (Suzhou) Central footwear base this grand goal. Concerted efforts of the whole city, will be through 3-5 years of unremitting efforts, at all levels of leadership and friends from all walks of life support and help, built the industrial base, an important new town. He asked enterprises to strictly comply with environmental protection related requirements, the use of advanced production processes. Directly under the relevant departments should further respond positively to the municipal government called on, concerned about the city economic development zone development, support shoe base construction, jordans for sale for the development of enterprises in the host to provide more quality services and preferential policies and good development environment. At the same time, he hoped that the owners of investment and construction enterprises to further strengthen management, in ensuring the premise of safety in production, to push forward the progress of the project construction, to achieve win-win situation. with Michael Phleps as cut melon vegetable harvest as a gold medal after another, even wearing his feet on the Nike Air Rejuven8 reputation crane. Rejuven8 has become one of the best selling shoes in the history of Nike, among runners and those who want a pair of comfortable, warm sneakers, with pride in holding a pair of Rejuven8. Not long ago, Nike announced the Japanese fighter Uno Kaoru (Caol Uno) to jointly launch a Quick Strike Nike Air Rejuven8 10AC Uno Kaoru (Caol Uno), shoe fans are eager to see the Bo hit tread on air, and shoes will meet what kind of spark. Now, NBA war xiewang detailed picture in the world honor episode of the shoes, from which we can see, this pair of shoes in the high-end, comfortable, breathable and light is incomparable; in addition, at both ends and insole etc. interspersed with a little green, immediately for the whole shoe considerably. Undefeated, a street brand in Losangeles, continued to work with Adidas and launched the NBA All-Star all star Edition Limited jacket. The golden three lines around the front foamposites for cheap of the symbol Adidas signs, and on the left and right chest before the individual signs placed logo pattern Adidas and Undefeated, the other about arms on what area at the rear patch, embroidered on the word Undefeated and digital symbol five bar logo No. 5. This single product will be limited to 60 pieces in the Undefeated Losangeles store shelves sold, priced at $160 yuan.Nike Sportswear will bring brand new Air Max Invigar shoe design. On the occasion of Air Max 9520th anniversary, the new shoes are infused with modern technology in the classic styling, carrying the previously mentioned Air Max 95 "Neon" color matching. The Invigar shoes equipped with many year details, including the iconic gradient and the overall shape, but streamlined vamp abandoned the multilayer mosaic technology, with excellent air permeability and Hyperfuse net, and the shoes of the full-length Max Air unit also replace the heel of Max Air, and Free type foot pressure. Air Max Invigar will soon be landing at NSW global stores. (plum shoes editor) ??????????????mens casual fashion summer Ralph Lauren Fall Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue ????????jewelry design online school I honestly dont get why Ariel wanted to be a human All Ive ever wanted in life is to be a MERMAID casual fashion summer Ralph Lauren Fall " /〉 ????????customize free runs Ralph Lauren Fall Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue ????????mens casual fashion summer Ralph Lau Cheap jordans online ren Fall Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue by the "Sports Illustrated" released a set of Blake - Griffin's collection of photos, from childhood to the University and then to the NBA, with a picture of a little-known photo review the violence buckle the growth experience. The picture shows the 2 year old Griffin in the 5 year old brother Taylor to "dunk" -- to give Lifen talented. 5 year old Griffin (right) and 8 year old Taylor in 1994 photo. 2004 year, 14 year old Griffin and 17 year old brother took a photo. Griffin in 2006 to participate in the Peach Jam Nike championship when the basket easily pick. Griffin Nike Peach Jam in the championship. Griffin in 2006 to participate in the Nike national basketball training camp held in indiana. Griffin in Peach Jam Nike Championship tournament. Griffin won a record 50 points and a record 41 points to win the 2007 McDonald's all American slam dunk dunk contest. Griffin brothers in training. 2008, Griffin and Oklahoma basketball star Parrish - Posey as "Sports Illustrated" shooting season preview of the cover of the University. Griffin went out to play baseball. Griffin college, dunked be brutal and inhuman. Griffin brothers and former Russian alumni at a steak house dinner. Griffin baseball game show. 2011 all star dunk contest, Griffin car cool shooting figure leap. source: Tencent sportsOriginator boat shoes Sperry Top-Sider landing in China 2014-02-24 21:01:19 Sperry Top-Sider, 1935 was jordans on sale online founded in the United States, it is a famous sailing shoe brand, excellent technology and world famous shoe slip function, so Sperry by the world's top professional sailors trust. Over time, Sperry boat shoes extending from the more professional features and stylish appearance of both style and won celebrity stars of all ages, became a symbol of refined taste. December 2013, Sperry Top-Sider bring texture understated fashion attitude, full landing in China, some inspirational sailing trip is about to start. Sperry Top-Sider, founder of Paul Sperry, was a navigator, but also water sports enthusiasts. Run on the ice to get inspiration from the dog, dog claws to mimic its structure, creating a first pair of boat shoes with non-slip effect - brown leather uppers and rubber soles, by sailors alike. In 1939, Paul agreed to design production, United States Rubber Company will be Paul's design lead a broader market. In the subsequent years, Sperry Top-Sider be more people's favorite, and the United States Sailing Team, the official US Olympic sailing team teenagers sailing team and the Americans with Disabilities designated sponsor. Moreover, Sperry retain the classic slip design, but also the more modern visual elements into the design of the shoes, let classic sailing shoes become a unique symbol of fashion. In 2009, Sperry Top-Sider was named fashion magazine Footwear News "Brand of the Year." & Nbsp; Today, Sperry Top Sider uphold nearly 80 years of sailing style, five cities in China opened eight counters, as more people with extraordinary taste brings "Ocean of passion." Red Sperry build enthusiasm Year 2014 At the beginning, Sperry red theme, brought blessings for the New Year's sailing shoe fans. Red series includes a women's and four men's Eden STRIPER CVO WAXED, STRIPER CVO WOOL, EYE RELAXED, fitness wear for various occasions, accompany you through wonderful new year. Eden & nbsp ;? 898 STRIPER CVO WAXED & nbsp ;? 489 STRIPER CVO WOOL & nbsp ;? 598 EYE RELAXED & nbsp ;? 798 Sperry Top-Sider opened eight counters in China: Xuhui Pacific Shanghai Hengshan Road, 6th Floor, No. 932 Shanghai Shanghai Yaohan Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone No. 501, 5th Floor ZhangYang Galleria Chengdu Chengdu Hi-tech Zone on the 18th floor and Shing COCO PARK Shenzhen Shenzhen Fuhua Third Road, Changsha Park1 floor Pinghetang Changsha Huang Xing Road, 5th Floor, No. 88 all the way Galaxia COCO Xing Road, Futian District, Changsha Wangfujing Changsha City on the 27th, 6th Floor Nanjing 5th Floor, No. 89 Golden Eagle Hanzhong Road Nanjing Nanjing Central Road 79 Baixia Hill Central Shopping Centre, 1st Floor Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low "Bruce Lee" Promo Sample exposure 2015-02-08 19:42:21 & nbsp; We know that Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant & middot; Bryant has always been a fan of Bruce Lee, Nike Kobe series shoes have repeatedly launched "Bruce Lee" do not note version. Recently, the network exposed the pair of Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low "Bruce Lee" Promo Sample shoes, we see this pair of shoes still uses "Bruce Lee" series of classic black and yellow color, with a commercial version is different, this pair Sample versions of the shoes in the bottom of the ink using the popular design. Kobe 10 has recently been sold, do not know the latest series of double Kobe boots will launch "Bruce Lee" version, let us wait and see. & nbsp; nothing to hold not hold is maintained, to see if you dare to wear! 2015-05-18 16:16:55 adidas Originals and British pop singer but also a number of fashion brands muse of Rita Ora collaboration series came in the second quarter, continuing the Ora Originals maverick personality charm and spirit combined with the courage to express themselves. At the same time, the perfect interpretation of Jun Ji-hyun Rita Ora Dragon series, cross-border cooperation by the collision of high street fashion charm still unstoppable. May Dragon series inspired from the Chinese symbol of the dragon, the use of NBA jerseys and shorts such as vests, etc., as modeled by splicing of different fabrics and remodeling, as well as into the gentle chiffon to create a sense of contrast. SMOKE series with smoke as a design element, combined with lightweight breathable mesh fabric, to convey the mysterious black sexy alternative. & nbsp; pocketed the eye LeBron James wearing Nike unknown sample 2013-12-08 23:18:34 LeBron series has now become the focus of attention, the various versions of the exposure and color can be described as pocketed the eye, but in the latest version of attention LeBron 10, James I at the first Miami training, wear a an unexposed sample all black Nike sneakers, Is this LeBron test sample 11? We do not know, but the picture we can guess, it is likely that LeBron 11. For more information about these shoes, please pay close attention to our follow-up reports.Sneakersnstuff and Reebok sports players to join together to push camouflage shoes 2013-09-26 12:33:40 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network September 26 hearing, the famous Swiss shoe shop Sneakersnstuff sports brand Reebok recently renewed and work together to bring this pair of new NPC II GORE-TEX joint shoes. In the words of the shoes Reebok Newport Classic's classic hair like a contour using functional full of GORE-TEX shoes material composition, the use of camouflage pattern throughout the full version, supplemented by "Sigurd Niklas Sigurd" and "Niklas Petter Cesar" in in the tongue around inside as details, and equipped with white outsole show. This double Sneakersnstuff x Reebok NPC II GORE-TEX will begin shipping in Sneakersnstuff September 30. (Media Partner: clothing with) Related news

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