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: in the future, Xiamen will increase the trade and industry to create brand support, and strive for the total amount in 2010 can double. This reporter learned yesterday from the second Brand Forum on both sides of the Taiwan straits. currently, Xiamen has 526 brands of trade and commerce at all levels of the country, province and city. Among them, the national brand: "A Well-Known Trademark in China" 9, "Chinese famous brand" 13, "China export brand" 4, "the most competitive brand" 2, "China Time-honored" 4; provincial brand: "Fujian famous brand" 161, "Fujian famous brand" 89; municipal brand: "Xiamen export brand" 28, "Xiamen city class a international freight forwarding enterprise" 23, "Xiamen famous trademark" 193. " 11th Five-Year" period, Xiamen will continue to increase the brand to the trade industry support policies for the brand of funds to support special funds, including the brand development of Xiamen main export enterprises support fund, Xiamen key commercial enterprises support funds. The brand development funds by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance allocated, mainly for brand building, brand competition, brand promotion, brand protection, brand award; Xiamen municipal key export enterprises to support funds provided by the Xiamen municipal finance, mainly support brands and products to develop the international market, in line with the conditio jordan shoes online sale ns of the Xiamen export brand enterprises columns help for key export enterprises will obtain funds; and the Xiamen key commercial enterprises support funds provided by the Xiamen municipal finance, mainly to support business enterprises to improve the management level, and the island of commercial facilities. - director of the interview Xiamen own brand is still relatively small, Morning Post (reporter Kang Jinlong) Xiamen Trade Secretary Xiong Yanliang believes that the overall number of regional brands in Xiamen's trade and industry is still relatively small. In the top 526 provinces, cities and trade brands at all levels, the total number of national brands only 32, far less than the neighboring city of Quanzhou, Quanzhou has 98 state-level brands. two cities adjacent to the gap in the number of brands so why? Xiong Yanliang believes that there are two main reasons. The number of private enterprises in Xiamen less, 17 national brand enterprises in Xiamen only 4 private enterprises, a large number of brand enterprises are foreign enterprises, although their brand reputation, such as DELL, Carrefour, WAL-MART and so on, but their own brand of brand is not Xiamen. The situation in Quanzhou is different, their enterprises are private enterprises, brands are their own, such as shoes, hats, clothing and so on. Secondly, most of Xiamen's exports are exported to foreign countries cheap air jordans , while Quanzhou's trade products are the main domestic market, the main domestic market products, the Chinese people naturally understand more, but also easy to list the national brand. Xiong Yanliang said, in addition to a small number of, the current Xiamen trade industry brand still exists internationalization degree of low problem, the city's export enterprises own brand of less than 20%, 28 "Xiamen city"2012-05-25 13:14 source: network Author: anonymous clicks: Brazil Footwear Industry Association issued 2011 Annual industry report here today. Reported that last year, Brazil imported foreign shoes trade volume reached 428 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Among them, China's exports of shoes to Brazil's trade volume increased by 16.4%. Brazil market, the fastest growing export shoes is Vietnam, an increase of 43%. Followed by Indonesia, an increase of 22.5%. the Brazil Footwear Industry Association published the 2011 Annual industry report here today. Reported that last year, Brazil imported foreign shoes trade volume reached 428 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 40% over the previous year. Among them, China's exports of shoes to Brazil's trade volume increased by 16.4%. Brazil market, the fastest growing export shoes is Vietnam, an increase of 43%. Followed by Indonesia, an increase of 22.5%. According to statistics, Brazil shoe indust jordans on sale online ry association, 2011, Brazil footwear industry output value of 21 billion 760 million reais, unchanged from a year ago. However, production fell by 8.4%, from 894 million pairs of shoes in 2010 to 819 million last year. The number of jobs in the shoe industry has dropped to 335 thousand and 500, down 3.2% from the previous year (editor in chief: Asia shoe industry)A few days ago to introduce the Nike Hyperdunk 2015 "LA" message, as the most representative of the actual type of shoes, it has been with a detached secular, lightweight design, and ultra-high-performance combat sneaker much loved. Today, the network has brought us a set of Nike & nbsp; Hyperdunk 2015 Atlas on foot, through the pictures we can see that it is born of the spirit of the basketball court, the colors are currently no available information exposed, and interested friends Stay tuned for our follow-up report it. New Balance 990 New black version launched 2013-12-08 23:04:16 With & nbsp; New Balance 990 shoes army green, dark lines, etc. return, New Balance hopes for the new all-black version of the New Balance 990 Leisure shoes, to celebrate the New Balance & nbsp; 30 990 birth anniversary. Uppers in black color, with the letter "N" white LOGO embellishment, this shoe is made in the USA, it is now available at the official online store to pre-order the first way to get oh. Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Low exposure 2013 cheap jordans for sale -12-08 22:49:38 Christmas version just to introduce the Nike star Christmas version of its three individual boots, Nike's other players in that day will be Christmas Day wear special edition shoes. This time the network will be exposed on a Christmas version of the Hyperdunk 2012 Low. The Hyperdunk 2012 Christmas still continues the tradition of previous years, the color red and green colors, but slightly different with silver after upper tone, it is worth mentioning that this double Hyperdunk 2012 Low tongue load a new cartoon images, very interesting. Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 "dollar" physical Appreciation 2013-12-08 23:45:09 Today, adidas Originals official release with devil designer & nbsp; Jeremy Scott latest quarter new joint footwear, one of a & nbsp; & nbsp; JS Wings 2.0 "dollar" color is particularly noticeable. The & nbsp; Jeremy Scott will bills scattered distribution pattern in the main body of the shoe, the biggest bright spot pattern than the US dollar is no longer on the picture you president, but & nbsp; Jeremy Scott himself head pattern. This year also & nbsp; the tenth anniversary of cooperation with the devil adidas Originals designers, adidas Originals also as an expression of their own to pay tribute to the designer, it is learned, this profile of the work will be on sale at designated shops in the near future, the price of $ 220.January: t cheap air jordans he ancient village of Luo river (Mohe County Heilongjiang) is the first new year's holiday, when winter, go north is north northeast northern scenery, experience. recommended reason: Piao million in black soil, the traditional custom of ice seems to be firmly retained. Along the Heilongjiang went to the upstream, Luo Gu Cun he found in a place close to the source, the sparsely populated here, walking in the township on the road, a strong local flavor blow on the face and. February: Ann Chang town (Shaoxing, Zhejiang) find a place of leisure holiday. recommended reason: This is a have a thousand years of history of the famous Jiangnan Town, through a thick water village folk flavor, folkway is simple, life breath is very heavy, February can catch the wind circumstance in the twelfth month of the lunar year, oh. March: former children's ancient town (Ninghai, Zhejiang) fireworks in March is a good time to be in the south of the Yangtze river! Is the so-called fireworks in March under the Yangzhou well. No more suitable for the March holiday, Jiangsu buddies go. recommended reason: one foot in town before the child, feel the thick spring, this month, near the town of rape competing bloom, a piece of golden and fenqiangdaiwa silhouetted against each other, beautiful. The white walls and black tiles, bridges, water, people, with a thick ancient village of picture. April: qingyanguzhen ( Cheap air jordans for sale Guizhou Guiyang) gradually warm days, next year to see the rape flowers do not go Wuyuan, go to Qingyan! recommended reason: in the hinterland of Guizhou Guiyang Huaxi beautiful landscape with a long history, the military town of Qingyan, once the "South despise key", and now every April and will full of large tracts of rape, looking ahead is boundless. May: Bingzhongluo (Yunnan Nu River Lisu Autonomous Prefecture) Bingzhongluo, known as "the land of idyllic beauty of living with gods". Along the Grand Canyon to anger Jiangbei, Yunnan Tibet line in the old post road, seem to trace to the former caravan. recommended reason: Bingzhongluo, the unknown name hidden in the Nujiang Lisu Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in the northernmost, this is just a town, but a series of the beautiful scenery of the village, and that has been to Tibet extends the Nu River Valley. More specifically, there is an island, every spring, the island a pink, like Tao Yuanming's the Peach Garden. June: Potan ancient town (Zhejiang Taizhou) early summer season, go out for a walk! recommended reason: Potan special pebbles "dragon" type old streets is so different, and the historical legacy of house former residence, magnificent and delicate in the layout. Every year in June, where the ancient town of Xianju County into the mountains of red, here is the hometown of Chinese bayberry, visiting the town of Yangme jordans for sale i, is very comfortable. July: Shandong Dai Sha town.Chinese shoes Network December 26 hearing, the ancestor of Nike Mayfly is a performance-based shoes marathon running shoes, but it is an excellent and simple design, has long been talked about still wearing. So Nike sensitive discovered this and started to use it to continue to improve and develop them. Born now Nike Sportswear Mayfly LT shoes. I do not have much extra decoration, Nike use of laser technology in leather carving texture and SWOOHSH, emphasis is equipped with a lightweight and have ergonomic soles, the most suitable for lovers of long run. although Huang Jianwen called South Africa "a European country on the African continent", what worries him most is the recent trade dispute in South africa. The day before, the South African retailers have been accused of "Treason", the reason is that they are trying to buy cheap clothing from third countries to avoid China set quotas for South africa. in the face of trade barriers and EU restrictions, a brand called "Ha Shan" came out of another roundabout curve. after the setback in Eastern European countries, Wang Jianping, the owner of Kazakhstan, decided to invest $4 million directly in Nigeria in 2004. "For us, the European Union will continue to be the fastest growing market in the future, and it is inevitable that the region will continue to decline in s Cheap jordans online imilar industries." Wang Jianping told reporters, Hazan aimed at the African market, is looking for a "no competition place to complete the primitive accumulation", the reason is very simple, primitive accumulation requires a wilderness style market, rather than a ripe, by international competitors to calculate the market. according to the "global resource allocation strategy and investment plan, to 2007, Kazakhstan Sequoia will invest $about 13000000 in Nigeria, has built 40000 square meters workshop, 10 ~ 12, 10 ~ 12 molding line sewing line, with an annual output of 6 million pairs of shoes in Africa's biggest shoe multinational enterprises. however, there is no unified climate among the Chinese private enterprise groups in africa. Miguel Li Jiu revealed that his West Africa, Cape Verde, or even the Wenzhou chamber of commerce around the world did not. "Because we are not on the scale of the enterprise strength, not much difference between who do not buy, who account for several times, the establishment of the association of fellow organizations trying to plan, are doing part." and these small business financing problems in Africa are also a headache. "the local credit system in Africa is very well built; the loan conditions of the local banks are very strict; this poses considerable difficulty for Chinese SMEs investing there.". The Chinese banks in Africa, the amount of financing is not large, often only 50% of the project, very strict control, and often more inclined to Taiwan, Hongkong region enterprise customers. Because in their eyes, those legal persons in financial, management system construction more sound, can get more care of Chinese banks." Huang Jianwen says. (Editor: admin)In addition to just Air Jordan But exposure 7 Nothing Net, Jordan Brand Holiday 2015 series of holiday list also offering the Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat. This section is for the first three consecutive Dynasty tribute to the Chicago bulls, inspired by the three strong opponents. item: 305381-142 release date: October 24th air-jordan-8-three-peat-release-date-2.jpg (283.79 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat 2015-7-13 09:12 upload air-jordan-8-three-peat-release-date-3.jpg (313.18 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat 2015-7-13 09:12 upload air-jordan-8-three-peat-release-date-1.jpg (257.57 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat 2015-7-13 09:12 upload air-jordan-8-three-peat-release-date-4.jpg (133.66 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat 2015-7-13 09:12 upload air-jordan-8-three-peat-release-date-5.jpg (536.29 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 8 Three-Peat 2015-7-13 09:12 upload bulls, Jordan, Chicago, 00 strongair-jordan-future-low-3m-red-white-1.jpg (397.64 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Future Low 3M red white 2015-4-12 09:10 upload 1386555691520_720x450.jpg (27.27 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 10:35 upload 1386555694750_720x450.jpg (72.75 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 10:35 upload 1386555698123_720x450.jpg (72.54 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 10:35 upload 1386555701329_720x450.jpg (24.44 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-9 10:35 upload Nike, metal 00Nike Woodridge Supreme 6 new exposure 2013-12-08 22:31:46 All Conditions Gear (ACG) Nike brand as a thriving outdoor series, strongly sought after outdoor enthusiasts, it is the best choice for outdoor sports. ACG excellent outdoor sports design in outdoor sports world champion. Recently, network exposure this Nike Woodridge Supreme 6, as the 2012 autumn and winter new product, Nike will be diversified into fashion design classic boots among the ancient boots reborn put clothes outdoor sports, olive green Height expensive shoes and funky, structured midsole and black outsole full texture. ACG logo tongue can be described as the crowning touch, a pair of classic boots giving new value and meaning, now it's Num network exposure information, loyal friends who love outdoor sports can look forward to its arrival. Nike Woodrige Supreme 6 Number: 524861-017Watcher customized Air Jordan VI Comedian 2013-12-08 22:20:34Following the before we see a Air Jordan IV "Dr. Manhattan" new customized version after Sekure D's once again brought a new "catcher" characters as the theme of the Air Jordan VI "Comedian" customized version of new products for the US, this shoe body with black and white leather as raw material, with the white part American national flag colors, ankle and toe also joined the silver decoration, of course, the theme is to cater to the shoe heel of the bloody face and red rose pattern, of course, black crystal bottom and bottom on the blood spatter design is quite offbeat. Supreme x Clarks 2013 spring and summer joint edition desert boots debut 2013-12-08 23:15:56 American trend brand Supreme this year can be described as action continues, after successive joint Vans, COMME des GARCONS SHIRT and Nike SB, this time it teamed up with British shoe brand Clarks, launched the 2013 spring summer Desert Boot series. In addition to the classic desert boots shape, shoes shoes also loaded the world map of the pattern, especially for the original Stone accustomed to desert boots added a different kind of breath. In addition, the series also contains three different colors of red, brown and green, which provide different choices for shoe fans. It is reported that the series will be in May 9th in New York, London, Losangeles and other places to take the lead.

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